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Motor insurance, also called vehicle insurance, is a type of insurance that covers four-wheelers, cars, two-wheelers, business vehicles, scooters, bikes, tractors, trucks, and other similar vehicles. A car insurance policy shields the car from financial losses caused by accidents or other natural disasters. A car insurance policy also protects you from claims made by other people.

Why Should you Buy Vehicle Insurance?

Motor insurance protects you financially while also covering third-party damages.

Different Kinds of Vehicle Insurance –

Car Insurance

Car insurance plans protect the car in case of an accident, theft, natural disaster, or other unexpected event that could cost a lot of money. A car insurance policy also protects you from claims made by other people.

Two-Wheeler Insurance

Two-Wheeler Insurance, also called Bike Insurance, is a type of insurance that protects you from damage to your bike caused by crashes, natural disasters, and other bad things. A bike insurance policy will also cover the cost of medical care and other people's claims against you.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Commercial vehicle insurance protects your commercial vehicle from damage caused by things like theft, accidents, and natural disasters. It also protects you from personal and third-party liability.

Companies that provide vehicle insurance are

Top 3 Company Which Provide Vehicle Insurance

About Company

The Indian Farmers Fertilizer Co-operative Limited (IFFCO)

• 91.92% claim settlement
• Easy Renewals
• Pan-India Network
• Reliable roadside assistance

HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company

• 99.8% claim settlement.
• 1.55 crore happy customer.
• Transparent and instead paper work.
• HDFC ERGO provides products including cars, two-wheelers, homes, travel, health, etc.

National Insurance

• 86.28% claim settlement
• E- signature process available.
• Paperless works
• Insurance for Motor Vehicles
• Insurance for Farm Machinery and Animals in the Countryside

Features of Vehicle Insurance-

In India, you need car insurance because of the following two things:

You can add or remove any add-ons (riders) based on your needs. You can do it when you buy the insurance plan or when you renew it.

Motor insurance covers theft, natural catastrophes, fire damage, man-made disasters, and other events in addition to the damages caused on by an accident.

You can get cashless claims, In case of an accident or theft.

Most companies have upgraded to give you a better, hassle-free, online and fast services

You can avail a road side assistance, when you face a engine breakdown

Types of Insurance Policies for Commercial Vehicles

Comprehensive insurance policy for commercial vehicle

A comprehensive commercial policy protects your commercial vehicle against damages it causes or sustains.

Third-party insurance policy for commercial vehicle

While a third-party insurance policy protects a third-party person or property from damages caused by your commercial vehicle.


As specified in the area of coverage, the policy protects you against any loss or damage to your vehicle or its accessories resulting from natural or man-made calamities. For individual owners of the car, personal accident coverage is provided by the motor insurance and is mandatory up to Rs. 2 lacs.

All motor insurance policies are given for one year at a time. But less than 12 months can be made with the permission of the right authority so that the customer's renewals fall on the same date or for any other reason that is convenient for the customer.

policy's IDV is its Insured Declared Value. The vehicle's value is calculated by subtracting the depreciation percentage from the manufacturer's suggested retail price, as detailed in the Tariff. The IDV for vehicles older than 5 years shall be the amount settled upon by the insurer and the policyholder.

If your car breaks down, it's always better to have insurance. Not only that, but we all know that any car owner must have third-party insurance. A car insurance contract is also important because it protects passengers, pedestrians, and other drivers financially.

This is something that every buyer will want to know since you have to have third-party car insurance to drive on the road. Your best plan would be the one that meets all of your wants. To do this, you should always pay attention to the features of a car insurance package, like more network garages, a higher claim settlement ratio, and lower premiums.