The world around us is made of combinations. Things come together to create a whole that’s greater than the sum of its parts. Whether it’s a mobile phone packing in multiple gadgets in a small handheld device or the three primary colours coming together to create the multiple colours we see around us or – Some things are just better together.

So, Why pick one? – Tata Multicap Fund

Tata Multicap fund aims to combine the best idea across segments – Multi Cap, Multi-Strategy, Multi theme and multi-sector with Growth at a Reasonable Price as the underlying philosophy.
The fund seeks to create an all-weather portfolio taking exposure into Large, Mid & Small Caps.

Why are multicap funds a good combination to invest in?

Some things are just better together just like this TATA Multicap Fund which is a great combination of Large cap, Midcap, and Small-cap Funds. A composite combines the best of each segment, resulting in potentially a more stable portfolio.

In multi-cap funds, there is a 25:25:25 rule that is it invests 25% in large, 25% in midcap and 25% in small funds as per SEBI guidelines. And the remaining 25% will be invested according to the fund manager’s choice. When compared to investing in large, mid, and small-cap funds individually, multi-cap funds have fewer fluctuations.

Top 5 Reasons to Invest in TATA Multicap Fund

  • An investor choosing a multi-cap fund gets exposure to the entire market via a single fund.
  • Large-cap companies can be used to offset the risk of investing in small-cap companies with high growth potential, allowing for higher returns.
  • Multicap funds can also be a suitable investment option for young and new-to-the-market investors who have the risk appetite and a long-term investment horizon but are indecisive about which market caps to choose from.
  • With the ability to invest across market capitalizations, these funds can adapt their holdings to fluctuating market conditions. The fund manager can switch to a defensive position in large caps if mid and small cap stocks become overvalued and the sector is about to boom.
  • Multicap fund makes a good case for long-term investors who want to build wealth and meet their financial goals with a potentially better risk-return trade-off.

Tata Mutual Fund Performance Since Inception

Advisor Khoj –  as on 16th December 2022. Trailing returns of Tata Mutual Funds with their Market Capitalization. Disclaimer: Mutual funds are subject to market risks. Past performance may or may not be sustained in the future. Risk profiles vary across different market cap segments. You should invest based on your risk appetite and consult a financial advisor if necessary.

Table 1 Shows – Tata Large and Midcap Reg Gr. generate 12.56% returns, Tata Large Cap Reg Gr. generates 15.36% returns, and Tata Midcap Gr. Fund Reg Gr. generates 12.56% returns, Since inception.

Hurry up!!

Don’t be late

The Tata Multicap Fund was already launched on 16th January 2023 and will remain open until 30th January 2023.
TATA Mutual Fund’s NFO, the “TATA Multicap Fund,” explore investment in various market caps by investing in one fund.

We look forward to a new investment with you this year.

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Mutual Fund Investments are subject to market risk, read all scheme related documents carefully.