(An open ended equity scheme investing

across large cap, small cap stocks)

    A Whole is GREATER THAN the sum of its part


    We do have multiple goals, but do we have multiple investments?

    Combinations are more productive and beneficial than breaking something up into individual parts, as we saw in the preceding examples.
    When it comes to making investments, many people have a lot of questions that run through their heads and become confused about what, where, and how to invest.

    img tata mutual fund

    * There are so many possible combinations for investment

    * Success And Failure Are Always Cyclical

    A Combination gives you a smoother path

    Since multi-cap funds are able to capitalize on investment opportunities across the market, they are typically considered to be better wealth creators than other categories of funds over the fund’s entire investment horizon. Also, the long-term returns of the multi-cap category are similar to those of the mid-cap category, but with less volatility.

    Why should one choose Multi Cap fund

    Investment strategy

    Investment strategy that is well-rounded.

    Investment ideas

    Investment ideas combined across the earnings cycle.

    Flexible portfolio

    Flexible portfolio construction in terms of market cap.

    Risk-reward balance

    Each component contributes to a better risk-reward balance.

    Portfolio diversification.

    Portfolio diversification.


    The best parts of each segment are put together in a composite, which could make a portfolio more stable.

    This Product is Suitable for Investors Who are seeking

    • To Generate Long Term Capital Appreciation
    • An open ended equity scheme investing across large cap, mid capand small cap stocks

    *Investors should consult their financial advisors if in doubt about whether the product is suitable for them

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