Succession Planning

The Leading Succession Planning Services

The transfer of assets and family businesses between generations can be complicated by convoluted family structures. Complex property and tax regulations and laws add to the difficulty of succession planning. Ownership interests and assets must be structured for ensuring financial stability and security among heirs, requiring the use of sophisticated financial planning instruments.

Swaraj Finpro Private Limited tempers its succession planning services with an understanding of family dynamics to ensure that all clients find satisfaction in the solution provided. Our experts work with the clients to handle the intricacies of planning out a suitable financial solution to leave to the heirs.

Why Opt For Succession Planning Services?

The very nature of family business is such that much of the net worth of the owner’s is invested into it, making it difficult to release. The business must have sufficient reserves to keep it operational while the owner must be able to access the appropriate amount of cash after leaving. The balance between the two must be achieved during succession planning for satisfactory results for all stakeholders. Inflation must be accounted for as well.

Swaraj Finpro Private Limited’s succession planning services tackle these issues with experience gathered over a decade. Drafting of wills and estate planning is performed to ensure that tax reliefs are accessible when assets or family businesses are passed from one generation to another. We plan out asset protection so as to ensure a layer of protection is given to unencumbered assets from any and all creditors. We can settle assets into various trust structures during the lifetime of the client for accessing various tax reliefs.

Why Choose Swaraj Finpro Private Limited?

With more than 14 years of experience, Swaraj Finpro Private Limited is a leading succession planning advisory firm. Our trained advisors work with our clients, identifying the requirements and determining the proper financial solution. We can also suggest suitable financial instruments for investing in.

  1. Swaraj Finpro Private Limited offers the use of an online platform for accessing all details about the investments or financial instruments. Most of the clients’ work can be completed through this platform with ease.
  2. We have implemented 5 level security protocols in our platform, which encrypts all data. Personal information, transactional data and other financial details will remain completely secure. Clients can remain assured of conducting their business on our platform without worries.
  3. Our clients get access to a CRM for monitoring any and all investments made. Clients can view their investments while discovering new financial opportunities.
  4. Our CRM features NSE integration to offer real time monitoring of mutual funds, enabling clients to update their investments quickly.