Stable Returns on Investment


Dear Investor,
You read that correctly.
I am very much happy; it caught your attention.
That’s what we have for you today, after all.

Three Premium Actionable plans that give you access to

1. Any time withdrawal at a higher rate than your traditional deposits.

2. A fixed-term investment that gives you a better rate of return than your traditional Fixed term Investments.

3. A promising Monthly income plan that really gives you the freedom to withdraw is always better than your traditional Monthly Income Plans

Want them, do you?

If so, then it’s time to take action.

Don’t waste any more time because time spent thinking a lot will cost you more.

See, what your father is doing was a copy cate of your grandfather. He was taught to trust in Bank because it is backed by Government and has a sovereign guarantee and invest with your bank only even if gives you less percentage. Your father shadowed your grandfather’s advice as he was a role model to him.

He kept following his father in the events of lessening interest rates. He didn’t care. He never felt the heat because that time rates of interest were decent enough to fulfill your father’s future needs.Your father gave the best education to you and your siblings. 

10 to 12% returns on Bank FD were normal. You know average inflation in India has been close to 6%. It means your father was able to beat inflation comfortably. 

Now you are to follow your father’s advice to stick up with bank Fixed Deposit? Is it wise to remain with bank FDs as your father could do? Last year rate of interest went south to 5.5%. and inflation went north. There was a great mismatch between the interest rate and the inflation rate. Current year RBI hiked rates slightly higher than last year’s to control inflation but is likely to reduce rates as inflation figures will touch low.

Another popping fact is that to comply with international parameters Government’s clear mandate is to keep interest rates down so that economy keeps up its way.

And this doesn’t mean inflation will keep pace with the reduced rate of interest. You would require to continually get a higher rate of return on your investments to beat inflation otherwise the lower rate of interest will eat up your dreams. 

The fact is that; if don’t kill inflation, it will kill your dreams.

The cost of higher education is going up year on year.

The cost of marriages is going northward day by day.

The foreign trip is getting costlier day by day.

If you don’t buy a car this year, the same model will cost you more next year.

If you delay the decision to construct the dream house by 2 years, you need to take a bigger loan at a little higher rate of interest.

A delay in catching the latest phone will cost you more due to lifestyle inflation.

This list is endless.

The only way to beat the inflated cost of acquiring at the right time is to plan in advance and save at the right rate of return anyway.

We at Swaraj Finpro have come up with certain inflation-beating investment solutions for you. Above 3 pointers are very important keys to keep you up on inflation.

1. Any time withdrawal

Many businessmen used to keep their business funds in current accounts, and instead of getting any interest, they have to pay service charges to the bank. They usually keep this fund in current accounts for short terms. And it has been interesting that this current account money can also earn them a handsome amount if they park it in either Liquid funds and/or P2P investments.

Sometimes small businessmen and households don’t use current accounts and instead keep money in savings accounts to maintain liquidity, but lose interest by 3 to 5% as savings accounts give 2.5 to 3.5%. Saving account users have to opt for higher-return investments than savings account to beat inflation with quite a better difference.


What is the difference between Liquid funds and P2P:

P2P Lending Investments

Liquid Funds from Mutual Funds

8.25% to 9.5% (Diff Plans) Usually between 4% to 6%
Stable Returns Not stable returns
Governed by RBI Governed by SEBI
Any time withdrawal Any time withdrawal
Able to beat Inflation Rarely beat inflation

* Mutual Fund investments are subjected to market risks. Please read scheme-related documents carefully.

Past performance is not an indicator of future returns. The securities quoted are for illustration only and are not recommendatory

Returns shown here are for illustrative purposes.

** P2P Lending investments are subjected to credit risk. RBI doesn’t guarantee the return of money.

2. A fixed-term investment

For decades Fixed-term deposits are the most popular way to invest in India. But now they are hardly able to beat inflation. The shorter the term of the Fixed Deposit, the lower the rate, and vice versa. Indians had no alternative but to invest in FDs. But time has now changed. So many options are now available to FD depositors. P2P Lending emerges as one of the best options for FD depositors.

Here is a comparative study for readers.

Time Horizon

P2P Lending Investments

Debt Mutual Funds

Fixed Deposits

3 Months 10% 5-7% 3-5%
6 Months 11% 5-8% 3-5%
12 Months 12% 5-8% 4-6%
18 months and more 12% compounding 5-9% 5-7%

* Past performance is not an indicator of future returns. The securities quoted are for illustration only and are not recommendatory.

* Mutual Fund investments are subjected to market risks. Please read scheme-related documents carefully.

Returns shown here are for illustrative purposes.

** P2P Lending investments are subjected to credit risk. RBI doesn’t guarantee the return of money.

3. A Monthly income plans

What if an investment promises a regular income of up to 1 % per month, that too without taking share market risks, certainly, it caught your attention immediately. P2P lending investments can do this for you. There are several P2P Lending companies that allow investors to withdraw a monthly income of up to 1% of investments every month.

Here are some best Monthly Income plans for you:

P2P Lending Investment** with Locking

Rate of withdrawal per month

12 Months 10% annualized return, distributed monthly
24 Months 10.5% to 13% annualized return, distributed monthly
36 Months 12% annualized return, distributed monthly

** P2P Lending investments are subjected to credit risk. RBI doesn’t guarantee the return of money.

Read it loudly, “every percent counts.”

It means every percent rate of incremental return will convert your investment into a better position so that you can buy your peace of mind early. Peace of mind comes with the right purchasing at the right price at the right time.

If you can get your daughter married at the right age, without taking any financial stress, if you can send your child to the top college in the country without any financial tension, you either inherit a lot of money or plan it well in time.

Why you are reading it today is because this is the need of the day. You are bound to beat inflation. You can feel the heat if don’t beat inflation, it will certainly kill your dream.

 Here is a chart that shows you how every percent can help you reach your goal at a lower cost. Imagine if your daughter has to marry 25 years from now. You have aspired Rs 25 Lakh wedding gift for her. What will you do?

Isn’t it amazing to know? Did you hear this before?

Rate of interest

One-time deposit Today

@6% Rs 560000
@7% Rs 436500
@8% Rs 340000
@9% Rs 265000
@10% Rs 207000
@11% Rs 161000
@12% Rs 126000

I have another surprise calculation for you. Did you hear of the rule of 72? This rule tells you about how much time money gets doubled. Just divide Figure 72 by the rate of interest, and you will get the time to double it.

Rate of Interest

By the rule of 72

Time to double

6% 72/6 12 Years
8% 72/8 9 Years
10% 72/10 7.2 Years
12% 72/12 6 Years

This means as the rate of interest increases, your time to double the money reduces inversely.

All you have to concentrate on is increasing the rate of interest on your investment to reduce the time to double it.

The same happens when you want to triple or quadruple your money.

What is your purpose at the end?

To make your investment double, triple, or quadruple or to achieve your financial goal?

* What do you want?

To invest a lower amount in the present to achieve your goal or start with a bigger amount?

1.  Starting investment early plays an important role in achieving your financial goal early.

2.  A higher rate of interest also helps you achieve your financial goal early.

If both statements are true, then how to get them at the same time? It is very much easy in fact.

Starting at the right time for a precise time horizon is the only way to arrive at your financial goal early. Therefore, your goal should be S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound) enough. If you have come to all these parameters correctly, you will be able to start early and invest at the correct Rate. ultimately it will help you choose the right investment vehicle.

Before coming to a conclusion, just need to understand which product gives

1. Better rate of returns,

2. Comparative Stability,

3. Safety from the falling rate of returns to some extent,

4. Regulators approved investment options,

5. Flexibility to choose plans as per need,

6. No share market-related risk on investment.

7. Ease of investment,

P2P lending is one such investment option that can give the above features Invariably. You are requested to understand the product thoroughly before investment. You can come to our website page Here you will find a comprehensive study of offerings given by various P2P Lending investment companies.

It is very imperative to understand how P2P Lending companies work and how they are able to manage stable returns of up to 12%.

Peer to Peer Lending shortly known as P2P lending is an online platform that aggregates borrowers and lenders in one place. P2P Lending company has developed this online platform under the strict guidelines of the Indian Governing Authority, the RBI – “Reserve Bank of India”.

RBI designated certain NBFCs – “Non-Banking Financial Companies” to establish such platforms.

Peer to Peer Lending has 2 peers at the same time, one peer is Lender and the other one is Borrower. The money of a Lender is distributed to a number of borrowers and a borrower gets his desired amount from a number of Lenders. This complex mechanism is made easier with the help of an Algorithm. During this Len Den algorithm plays a crucial role while distributing money among Lenders and borrowers.

Another very important point to note in this process of Lending and Borrowing is that the RBI has strictly directed P2P Lending companies that they are eligible to take only a fee of 2% from investors (Lenders). The rest of the money will be routed through an Escrow account, maintained with designated banks only.

One more important thing to note while you invest your money with P2P Lending companies is that there is compliance with maintaining a trustee company which is usually bank led trusteeship company. A P2P platform must have at least two escrow accounts for fund transfers, maintained by a trustee supported by the bank that manages these accounts, according to RBI guidelines published on October 4.

“At least two escrow accounts must be kept, one for money that has been obtained from lenders but is waiting to be disbursed and the other for money that is being collected from borrowers. According to the RBI notification, the trustee must be promoted by the bank that manages the escrow accounts.

All this significant information about  P2P Lending investment makes a strong case to consider it as an investment avenue.

* Why choose P2P Lending investments:

As you know that taxation on Savings Accounts, FDs, and P2P Lending investments fall in the same tax slab which you possess. These investments attract the same rate of taxation. So, it is a wise decision to invest in P2P investments where you have chances to earn better returns than Fixed Deposits. If you earn 7% or 12% makes no difference as far as taxation is concerned. Smart investors now prefer to invest in P2P kind of investment instruments where the rate of return is comparatively higher.

* Why P2P investment with Swaraj FinPro only?

What are you waiting for, we are a just call away from you. Take action now. You are required to give a missed call or give a WhatsApp message at 9630054050 or 9993025625.

Our expert team will take you on a P2P Lending investment journey as per your needs and time horizon.

We will suggest you take the guidance of our Certified Financial Goal Planner (CFGP). He is none other than our young director Mr Akshay Jain. He is a Mechanical Engineer by education and completed a CFGP course to understand how to plan financial goals accordingly. Over and above CFGP certification, he holds 8 years of experience in dealing with 3000 PLUS pan India investors on a day-to-day basis. 

5 reasons you should get an appointment with Certified Financial Goal Planner now.

1. It is of utmost importance to decide the right time to invest.

2. If you are able to decide the correct time to achieve a financial goal, certainly you will be able to decide what rate of return can help you arrive at the goal.

3. With the right rate of return you can reduce the cost of the goal. This means the initial amount you want to invest.

4. In turn this lower cost will give you leverage to fund your other financial goals.

5. All the above points are dependent upon which instrument you should invest in.

A Certified Financial Goal Planner – Advanced Level, is experienced enough to guide you. He is well-trained. He has been trained by expert trainers from NSE – National Stock Exchange (NSE) Academy in the following Financial Planning Subjects.

1. Time Value of Money and Excel Functions

2. Preparation of Basic Personal Financial Report

3. Risk Profiling of Clients

4. Retirement Planning – Accumulation & Distribution

5. House Purchase using Loans

6. Children’s Education & Marriage Goals

7. Life Insurance Coverage Planning

8. Personal Taxation

9. Comprehensive Financial Planning Process

10. Tracking Goals and Review of Financial Plan

After attending this Certification course from,

the CFGP has to undergo a thorough examination before awarding a certificate. This is one of the most prestigious Certification courses run by NSE Academy NCFM. NCFM is an online testing and certification program. It tests the practical knowledge and skills of intermediaries required to operate in the financial markets.

Last but not least, come, join the revolution, do invest in P2P Lending products, and enjoy better returns than traditional investments.

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