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    Sit back! Relax! No need to step out, our platform brings you Systematic Investment Plan - SIP, direct and digitally.

    Choose an investment strategy that will help you achieve your long-term financial objectives. You can use our service to find the best Systematic Investment Plan – SIP plans in India for long-term wealth building.

    Quickly Create Your Own Customized Portfolio in Just 2 Minutes


    A trusted, focused and optimized platform in India.

    We are AFMI-registered Mutual Fund and other financial products Distribution firm encorporating the best advises and support for customers and their assests through leading-edged technologies.

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    Er. Abhay Shandilya

    I’d never invested before but after connecting with Swaraj Finpro, i not only invested but also my investment started yielding better returns. i highly recommend this platform for a monthly SIP.

    Er. Abhay Shandilya
    Client since 2005

    Dr. Sanjay Totade

    I always lacked the management in between my savings and finances, but with SIP my unwanted expenses have downturned and my investment has shown an exponential growth.

    Dr. Sanjay Totade
    Client since 2013

    Dr. Ankit Seth

    I’ve been an active investor but the security to customer assest and support which Swaraj’s team is providing during this SIP tenure is immense. i’m happy to choose their platform for my SIP.

    Dr. Ankit Seth
    Client since 2017

    Col V Subbiah

    It was very confusing for me to pick a plan and start an investment as you all know market ups and downs keep bugging the head. But then i started SIP at Swaraj Finpro’s platform, SIPs works great even at the time of market crash and the team of this platform has rescued me always with their right advices.

    Col V Subbiah
    Client since 2020
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