Real Estate Financial Planning

Why Real Estate Financial Planning?

Buying a dream house is every Indian’s most important financial decision and any such real estate planning may affect the financial well being of the individual. Real Estate decisions may be the best or the worst financial decision of an individual. Planning makes perfect and therefore perfect Real Estate Financial Planning ensures that you smoothly build your dream house out of your legitimate income without compromising on your lifestyle.

What are the various aspects of Real Estate Planning?
  1. Buying or building a dream home may be an emotional decision but real estate financial planning has to be a ration decision.
  2. Your Loan EMI should not be 35% of your financial income.
  3. You can build your dream home without burning hole in the market. Connect with us to find out how.
  4. Instead of carrying the EMI load, meticulous planning and planned approach should be the correct approach to turn your dream into reality.
  5. Pay yourself first! You should be able to save something for your future before you spend. Income minus savings equal to expenses should be your thumb rule.
  6. You should be able to save 10 to 35% of your post tax income, depending on your age.
  7. Don’t compromise with the Emergency Fund as well as Life Cover!
  8. Your EMI obligations should be not more than 50% of your monthly income.
  9. Keep your Credit Score 750+ for the best deals.
  10. Follow the diversification Strategy via the Mutual Fund route to create fund for your dream house.

House is a basic necessity and therefore cannot be avoided

Swaraj Finpro Private Limited – Your Real Estate Financial Planner

Creating a one size fits all approach is a tedious task because everybody’s life and ground situation is different from others and therefore a personalized approach is a must. Real Estate planning may be difficult taking into account inflation and other financial goals like retirement planning,etc but judicious planning will help you achieve your goal. Swaraj Finpro Private Limited offers customized solutions to its clients and ensures that your dreams turn into reality without making a hole in your pocket.