Portfolio Management Services

The Indian Stock Market has the ability to give you high ROI, however, it is risky too. The risk can be mitigated if your portfolio is managed by an Equity expert who is 100% committed for your portfolio. These experts make right choices at right time along with the right rationale and the result is profiting in the stock market.

Conversely, when the investors directly invest in the Equity market they are often disappointed with their portfolio performance because they commit errors out of ignorance and inexperience. Additionally, regular cleaning of the junk stocks is a must from the portfolio.

Why you need Portfolio Management Services?

Managing a portfolio is not a child’s play, and hence difficult for a layman, because it is a time-consuming process that requires a lot of efforts, review, and expertise. This is why; a one-stop solution has been designed to cater to HNI customers so that they get rid of all the investment queries and worries. This customized solution is known as PMS or Portfolio Management Services.

What are the types of Portfolio Management Services?

Swaraj Finpro Private Limited offers two types of Portfolio Management Services:-

  1. Mutual Fund Portfolio Management System
  2. Equity Portfolio Management System
What are the benefits of Portfolio Management Services?

Portfolio Management Services offer customers a variety of benefits:-

  1. Right Investment Choice via Professional management.
  2. The Portfolio can be regularly tracked by regular Portfolio Tracking.
  3. Savings is promoted via regular and disciplined approach.
  4. Controls risk by balancing the Risk and Reward.
  5. Convenience of Investments.
  6. Transparency is guaranteed because you get monthly performance reports.
  7. Your Dedicated Relationship Manager will offer you the perfect fund/stock mix based on your financial goals.
  8. Expect Personalized Approach for your Investment needs.
  9. You improve your knowledge and expertise regarding Equity and Mutual Fund Markets.
  10. Avoids disasters by optimal allocation of Funds.

The Swaraj Finpro Private Limited Advantage!

It may be a hard call to choose a dedicated partner for PMS but you should not worry when you partner with Swaraj Finpro Private Limited, because we have a team of experts who provide dedicated and personalized services to our HNI clients and keep away their money from being assassinated! We are the best PMS Service providers and ensure a very high ROI.