Peace of Mind

Why do you need financial peace?

Life is full of uncertainties and tragedies can strike a family at any point of time. This is why people invest in financial products like Life Insurance to protect their families from any financial difficulty that may arise in the future & to attain financial peace.

In the event of stress, when grieving families struggle to get back to daily routine and work, it is very difficult for them to get claims from the Insurance Companies. The problem escalates further if Insurance companies refuse claims on certain grounds.

Apart from Life Insurance, there are other investments such as Mutual Funds, Shares, and Fixed Income Securities like FD, RD, PPF, NSC etc. People also keep some amount of money for their liquid needs in a saving and current Account. Funds from these investments have to be transferred as soon as possible to the family, for giving them massive relief.

Since there are a lot of formalities associated with these investments in case of the death of the account holder, a helping hand is a must. Swaraj Finpro Private Limited, whose philosophy is customer first never leaves the investor’s family in there difficult time. Our experts dedicatedly work along with the family to ensure that all the formalities are done in time.

In case the investor has planned his estate, the proceeds are done accordingly. We help families to get over these hardships and ensure that the funds and assets are transferred in the right hands only, without any hassles.

The Swaraj Finpro Private Limited Advantage!

Swaraj Finpro Private Limited Management works on behalf of its Client. In the case of the client’s unfortunate demise, our team reaches the family members and consoles them. We collect all the papers related to insurance and other investments, from the members of the family and guide them unless everything is settled. Our objective is to provide peace of mind to our client’s family.