Mahindra Manulife Mutual Fund

Small will be BIG

Invest in companies that are small today, and potentially big tomorrow.

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Investment Style

Fund may use following criteria for stock section and aims to invest in growth-oriented businesses with focus on

Strong Financials and Cashflows

Scalable Business model

Management Track Record

Reasonabte Valuations

Emerging Business Models

Global Trends

Why Mahindra Manual Mutual Fund

Equity Investment team with average experience of approximately 15 years, including Analysts, Fund Managers and Chief Investment Officer.

Equity Universe of 500+ companies* which includes more than 5O% small cap companies

Why Small Cap Now?

Potential Growth-01

Potential growth tailwinds in Indian Economy.

Opportunity Enterprenur-01

Opportunity to capitalize on Indian Entrepreneurship.

Market Cycles-01

Opportunity to capture market / economic cyctes.

Wealth Long Term-01

Potential to create wealth and generate alpha over long-term.

Small Cap Stock Picking-01-01

Small caps are generally under-researched and under-owned and hence provides an opportunity for stock-picking at reasonable valuations.

Small Cap Time Reform-01

Small Caps could be beneficiaries of structural reforms announced from time to time.

Small Companies-01-01

Small caps also provide exposure to companies which are potential market leaders in the industries they operate in (a few examples include textile, paper, sugar, luggage) and have potential to become midcaps of tomorrow as they achieve scale

*As on September 30, 2022. The numbers are subject to change based on the addition/ deletion of stocks from the investment universe.

Instrument Indicative Allocation (% of assets) Risk Profile
Minimum Maximum High/Moderate/Low
Equity&   Equity related instruments of Small CapCompanies 65 100 Very High
Equity a Equity related instruments of other than Small CapCompaniaes 0 35 Very High
Debt and Money Market Securities (including TREPS (Tri-Pa w  Repo), Reverse Repo) 0 35 Dow to Moderate
Units issued by REITs & InvlTs 0 10 Moderately High

The Scheme may take exposure in equity derivative instruments to the extent  of 5O%of the Equity component.  Investment  in derivatives  shall be I-or hedging, portfolio  balancing and such other purposes as maybe permitted I-rom time to time under the Regulations and subject to guidelines issued by SEBI/RBI I-rom time to time.*Definition of Smart Cap Companies: 251“ company onwards in terms of full f•\market Capitalization.

  • Investor should consult their *enunciate advisers if in doubt about whether tine product is suitable for them.

The product labelling /risk level assigned for the Scheme during the New Fund Older is based on internal assessment of the Scheme‘s characteristics or model portfolio and the same may vary post New Fund Offer when the actual investments are made.

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