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Upto 12%

Fixed Term Plans

(Interest and Principal Paid at the end of Term)

12 Month Plan

Min. Investment: ₹ 50K

6 Month Plan

Min. Investment: ₹ 1L

3 Month Plan

Min. Investment: ₹ 2L

Monthly Income Plans

(Monthly Interest, Principal Paid at the end of Term)

24 Month Plan

Min. Investment: ₹ 50K

36 Month Plan

Min. Investment: ₹ 50K

Freedom Plans

(Release on Demand)

On Demand Plan

Min. Investment: ₹ 3L

Invest With Swaraj FinPro

Peer to Peer (P2P) Lending is a new age, alternative investment idea where you can invest like a pro with swaraj Finpro.

Our idea to suggest you Peer to Peer (P2P) Lending is to help you diversify your investment into another best investment idea that may suit your investment needs, your pocket size, your convenience, and your trust.

With Peer to Peer (P2P) Lending, you can Earn fixed returns, build a passive income and avoid equity markets volatility

Peer to Peer (P2P) Lending comes with a lot of investment options that depend upon your investment time horizon to suit your investment needs, rate of return (ROI), amount, and return of interest (Monthly or cumulative).

Benefits of Peer to Peer (P2P) Lending

Diversify Investments

Rate Of Interest up to 12% pa

Get the Power of Compounding

The minimum investment starts from ₹ 50,000

Regular monthly returns if needed​

Choose your investment conveniences from multiple options​

An investment that suits your needs

Liquidity Options available

Regulated By RBI

No joining fees, No hidden charges

Comparison of P2P Lending with other products

Now get 12% without break



P2P Lending

Mutual Funds



Lease/Invoice Financing


Annual Returns

Up to 12%



5 to 8%

5 TO 15%

5 To 8%

Risk Level

Very Low

Medium to High

Medium to High



Very Low to Medium


Very High

Depends on Scheme

Very Low



Very Low


Depends on scheme

Depends on Scheme

Lock Min 5 Yrs

As per Tenure

As per Tenure

As per Tenure


Very Low







As per Tax Slab

Capital Gains


As per Tax Slab

As per Tax Slab

Capital Gains

Tax Saving U/S 80C Nil Only with ELSS Yes Only in 5 Yrs FD Nil Nil

*Historically 4-8% for Debt based funds and 10-15% for equity based funds. Above mentioned data is sourced from reputed media publishers


Peer to Peer Lending, also referred to as P2P Lending is an alternate asset class where an individual can borrow funds from multiple individuals through a digital platform. In effect, P2P platforms offer a digital marketplace to connect borrowers and lenders for unsecured personal loans and thereafter manage the entire life cycle of a loan to offer monthly returns to lenders.

The interest income is considered as income from other sources and taxation is as per the tax bracket of the individual investors. TDS is not applicable as of now.

FINZY provides a very simple interest certificate for every financial year mentioning the interest income, FINZY fees, and GST on the fees and write-off and write back if any.

Lenders can expect a net pre-tax return up to 12 % XIRR Max. on the net invested amount. There are so many different rates of returns available in P2P space, largely depending on the time horizon, the amount you invest, asset type, and service provider. P2P investments, however, do NOT guarantee any returns.

Any Individual, a body of individuals, a HUF, a firm, a society, or any artificial body, with a valid Indian Bank Account and PAN Card, can lend on P2P lending platforms. RBI listed finance companies or Companies formed under the Indian Companies Act are also eligible to apply as Lenders.

We at Swaraj FinPro help investors to diversify their investments among different P2P service providers along with sufficient know-how. Our online P2P lending platform works as an aggregator for P2P lending products.

Peer to Peer lending, like other asset classes, works best with portfolio diversification. With an initial investment of INR. 1 lakh, you can build a lending portfolio across 100+ loans which ensures investment risks a minimized - enabling you to enjoy high yields consistently. Smaller investments, result in the concentration of portfolio across fewer loans and hence do not provide for sufficient levels of diversification. Hence, initial investments of less than INR. 1 lakh are NOT recommended.

Yes, Peer to Peer lending in India is backed by the RBI’s robust regulatory guidelines from October 2017. These guidelines recognize P2P lending platforms as a new class of NBFCs (“NBFC – P2P”) and define the scope of permitted activities, minimum capital requirements, and other key operational parameters.

As per RBI regulations, the P2P platform is managed by a trustee who always operates the escrow account. The trustee has access to the original borrower’s agreement and NACH mandates that allow them to take necessary steps to recover the funds on behalf of Lenders.

Not at all – you can continue to access the full-featured P2P experience at their website regardless of whether you use Swaraj FinPro or not.

Transfer of money takes place through an online automated process. The loan amount is transferred from the Lenders Escrow Account to the borrower’s bank account. All repayments– EMI and pre-closure –happen online via Electronic Money Transfer from the borrower’s account to the lender’s Escrow account, from where it gets reflected in the respective lender’s virtual account.