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360 Financial Planning

360 financial planning

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About-  When you are creating your financial planning, a number of factors come into action. When making investments, everyone keeps in mind of what returns they are getting in what time, but they need to focus on their age, dependents, and the financial market’s stage, risk analysis etc. they should make well-designed 360 financial planning investment plan, with the help of some professional planners.

Factors of 360° Financial Planning:

Genera Approach

General Approach

360° financial planning takes into account all aspects of an individual's financial life, including budgeting, investments, insurance, retirement planning, tax saving strategies, estate planning, and many more.

Personalized Strategy

Personalized Strategy

Through careful analysis of individual goals, risk tolerance, and financial situation, financial planning creates a personalized strategy tailored to meet specific needs and aspirations.


Goal Setting and Monitoring

360° financial planning helps people set and prioritize their financial goals, such as saving for a down payment, emergency funds, education/marriage expenses, or retirement. Monitor and reallocate them to reach your aim.

Wealth and Investment

Wealth and Investment Management

360° financial planning advises on risk-adjusted investment strategies to build wealth. It balances risk, time, and diversification to meet financial goals.

"360 Financial Planning: A Solid Foundation for Financial Freedom"

Financial Freedom

Comprehensive Approach

360 financial planning is a comprehensive approach to managing one's finances that takes into account all aspects of an individual's financial life. it considers a wide range of financial components, including budgeting, debt management, etc.

Principle of 360 Financial Planning

One of the key principles of 360 financial planning is that it emphasises the importance of creating a balanced financial plan that accounts for various factors such as risk tolerance, cash flow management, emergency funds, and protection against unforeseen events.

Financial planner

In a 360 financial planning approach, individuals work closely with a qualified financial planner or advisor who serves as a trusted partner throughout the process. The financial planner analyses the client's current financial situation, including income, expenses, assets, and liabilities.

Comprehensive Evaluation

Based on this comprehensive evaluation, the financial planner develops a personalized financial plan that integrates all relevant aspects of the client's financial life. This plan may involve strategies for debt reduction, investment diversification, etc.

Why Swaraj FinPro-

Swaraj FinPro stands out as a trusted financial service provider for several reasons.


360 financial planning provides a comprehensive view of an individual's financial situation and goals. It helps in identifying potential gaps or areas that need improvement, allowing for a more effective and well-rounded financial plan.

The process of 360 financial planning typically involves gathering and analysing financial information, setting goals, evaluating risk tolerance, creating a personalized financial plan, implementing the plan, and regularly reviewing and adjusting it as needed.

360 financial planning offers several benefits, including a clear understanding of one's financial goals and the steps needed to achieve them. It helps in optimizing income, managing expenses, minimizing taxes, and protecting assets.

Yes, 360 financial planning can certainly assist with debt management. By evaluating your financial situation, a comprehensive plan can help prioritize debt repayment strategies, identify opportunities for consolidation or refinancing, and develop a budget to effectively manage debt obligations while working towards other financial goals.