Health Insurance

What are Health Insurance Products?

Medical Costs along with Inflation is rising every day, making hospitalization difficult for a common man. This may be daunting, but Health insurance which is a complex financial insurance product covers the insured’s cost of surgical and medical expenses making it possible for a layman to pay the costly hospitalization bills.

The insured has two options, subject to the terms and conditions of insurance cover. The insured can either pay costs the expenses from his pocket which is subsequently reimbursed from the company or there is a cashless facility where the insurance company reimburses costs directly to the hospital.

Why do you need a Health Insurance Services?

You need Health Insurance Services for the following reasons: 1. Human Lifestyle is changing while the quality of food is deteriorating. Humans are exercising less and there is a rise in pollution levels. 2. There is a dramatic rise in medical costs which is taking a toll on everybody’s pocket. 3. You can enjoy tax benefit under section 80D of Income Tax Act, 1961 and claim a deduction of Rupees 25,000 for yourself, spouse and children while you can save another 50,000 for premium paid for your parents above 60 Years. 4. Health Insurance Product covers all the pre and post hospitalization expense including OPD and diagnosis tests. 5. You can enjoy additional benefits under health insurance like Ambulance coverage, AYUSH treatment, coverage for day-care surgeries, health check-up coverage, and vaccination expenses.

What is the right age to buy Health Insurance?

There is no specific age to buy Health Insurance Product because your health can be deteriorated at any stage of your life. However, if you start early you will have to pay a comparatively lesser premium because premium rises with one’s age because there is an increase in associated risks of the person.

The Swaraj Finpro Private Limited Advantage!

There are many Health Insurance Products available in the market. How will a layman find out which product is the best or which product suits his pocket and financial goals? Additionally, there are many terms and conditions associated with the health Insurance product which is difficult for a common man to understand. Health Insurance Companies may also demand some health checks before a health Insurance policy is issued to the policyholder. This is why a common man should only keep the KYC documents and cheque ready and should leave the rest to the financial experts.

One such financial expert that is available in the market is Swaraj Finpro Private Limited whom you can trust blindly for any health insurance requirements. Swaraj Finpro Private Limited not only helps a customer buy an insurance policy but also assist him or her in the claim process.

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