General Insurance

Some unexpected events in life can set you back because life is full of uncertainties and risks.

The dream home that you built may be destroyed by an Earthquake or a sudden fire (Fire/Loss of Property Insurance). Your shop may be attacked by some goons or burglars may rob your valuable assets (Burglary Insurance). Some vehicle may hit your bike thereby completely damaging it (Auto / Accident Insurance). A situation may be also possible when your car may hit somebody thereby killing him. In such a case, you are liable to pay the deceased person’s kin some amount of compensation (Third Party Liability Insurance).

When you need General Insurance Services?

Imagine you have gone on a vacation to Switzerland, but burglars have robbed your luggage, money bag, passports and credit cards (Travel Insurance). What do you do then? How will you manage things in a foreign land where you don’t know anybody and you pay for your hotel and restaurant bills?

Consider another situation when you have an export-import business and you have to export some items to a foreign country via the marine route. There is a high possibility that the ship transporting your freight may sink or it may be attacked by marine pirates (Marine Insurance). What do you do in such case?

There is a high probability of occurrence of these unwanted uncertain events in human life. These events cannot be avoided but the financial loss can be minimized by General Insurance Services, where the insurers pay the insured a certain amount of compensation on the happening of an unfortunate event.

There are multiple types of General Insurance products available in the market some of which have already been mentioned above. Some other type of general Insurance includes Critical Illness Insurance for funding hospitalization and other medical expenses of critical disease. Cancer Care Insurance is solely devoted to the treatment of Cancer.

Why to Buy General Insurance from Swaraj Finpro Private Limited?

There are multiple General Insurance Companies and products available in the market. Additionally, there are a number of formalities associated with these products while buying as well as filing a claim. Do you think you have enough time and know how to deal with these products? How will you deal in a situation when your insurer simply refuses your claim request on frivolous grounds?

To avoid any such problem associated with General Insurance Product, you should contact Swaraj Finpro Private Limited who are not only experts but will give you professional financial advice. Swaraj Finpro Private Limited will guide you in every stage of financial planning and will ensure you to buy general insurance that fits best to your financial need.