Foreign Tour Planning

Foreign Financial Tour Planning

Outbound Tourism may be thrilling and a fun affair, but isn’t an easy affair. You have to plan your foreign tour in advance and you have to worry about a lot of things from visas to tickets and accommodation.

However, your most important concern should hover around the travel fund. A typical foreign tour to Europe, USA or Australia will cost your around a Lakh per person. Dearth of funds will create problems in the foreign land which is never going to be a hospitable experience.

How will you fund your Foreign or the World Tour?

A typical foreign tour will demand you a lot of money. Taking a loan is not the right way to travel because taking such loans would seriously affect your financial health. Do not forget that you also have other financial commitments to fulfill. Secondly, using credit cards or loans will seriously affect your credit history.

But, smart financial planning can help you enjoy your tour with a mere few thousand rupees. Start saving early as soon as you start earning via investing!

You need to start SIP of a certain amount and transfer it to liquid funds, short term debt funds or Ultra short-term Debt Funds. Ultra short term Debt Funds do not carry any exit loads and are subjected to low volatility making it suitable for your short term needs like a Foreign Tour.

The Swaraj Finpro Private Limited Advantage!

Swaraj Finpro Private Limited is a financial wealth planner and can help you arrange fund for any short term objective like foreign travel from your small savings. Swaraj Finpro Private Limited’s wealth creation experts will guide you to your goal after understanding your financial needs and the ROI will be enough for you to fund your foreign travel.

Our experts will also guide and assist you with Foreign Exchange and Travel Card Solutions in the foreign land. This makes Swaraj Finpro Private Limited a one-stop shop for your Foreign Tour needs.