Financial Health Check-up

Swaraj Finpro Private Limited provides financial health check-up services for its clients, the objective of which is to help the clients ascertain his or her financial health while focusing on the short and long term goals and taking into account client’s age, employment, and marital status, assets, and liabilities etc.

Such Financial health check-up is a must to ascertain one’s financial standing in case of a financial loss or his ability to achieve his or her financial goals. In a nutshell, financial health check-up tells the individual that its financial position is under control or needs some serious advice.

What are the benefits of Financial Health Check-up?

1. You are able to identify your current financial position and fine tune them if needed.2. You will be able to professionally review your existing portfolio and weed out the underperformers.3. You will be able to find out if you’re insurance planning has been done appropriately.4. You can review your portfolio’s tax efficiency and make changes according to the new tax laws.5. Peace of mind and protection from future financial health hazards.

What are the types of Financial Health Check-up Services that Swaraj Finpro Private Limited offers?

1. Financial Planning Checkup -planning for the children’s education, marriage, retirement etc. has been done properly or not.

2. Asset Allocation Checkup – This checkup is designed to find out whether planning for the children’s education, marriage, retirement etc. has been done properly or not.

3. Portfolio Health Checkup – This Check up answers the question whether your current portfolio of Mutual Funds will help you achieve your goals or not.

4. Tax Planning Checkup – Such Checkup will help the investors find out whether their investments are tax efficient or not.

5. Risk Management Checkup – Such Checkup should be done regularly and it answers the following question – How much can you bear the risk of loss due to uneven and unexpected accidents?

6. Property, planning, and success of succession planning – It is appropriate to plan your Estate in time so that in case of an unexpected event, your property is transferred only to the right people. Estate Planning Checkup aims to review your current Estate Planning in view of the existing situation.

The Swaraj Finpro Private Limited Advantage!

Just like a health checkup by a medical professional is necessary for your physical health, a Financial Health Checkup is a must for your financial health. Swaraj Finpro Private Limited is akin to a hospital and its financial experts work similar to a doctor.

If you run in the wrong direction, no matter how fast you run you will never reach your goal. Our objective is to find out whether you are running in the wrong or right direction. We show you the right way if we found you are running in the wrong direction through our financial health check-up services.