Children’s Education Plan

Discover the Best Child Investment Plans

The importance of education for children cannot be underestimated. It is vital for their development, growth and success in life. For parents, it becomes vital that they ensure that their children are able to fulfil their life goals by investing in their education.

Swaraj Finpro Private Limited understands that not all parents find it easy to know which products to invest in for the child’s education. As a financial advisor, we help youdiscover the most suitable child investment plans for sponsoring their education in future. Start investing today and secure your child’s future.

Why Start Investing for Your Child?

A child’s success in today’s society depends on the education he or she receives. With the rising inflation, it becomes increasingly difficult to finance a child’s education. Higher education has become particularly expensive due to inflation. These costs are bound to rise as children grow older.

Child investment plans allow parents to accumulate enough wealth to sponsor their children’s education without worrying about the effects of inflation.

How Can We Help?

Swaraj Finpro Private Limited is a financial advisor, capable of facilitating investments in suitable mutual funds. We guide our clients through the mutual fund options available, helping them select one that is aligned with their financial goals for their child’s education.

  1.  Our experience in mutual funds can be leveraged by clients in discovering the best financial solution for their child’s education, overcoming the effects of inflation.
  2.  We offer a CRM solution to simplify access to investments. Clients can monitor their investments online in real time due to the integration of the CRM with NSE.
  3.  All payments can be made online conveniently and securely. Our online platform features 5 level security protocols to safeguard all transactions.
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