NATIONAL PENSION SYSTEM A group called the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) has been in charge of and regulated the National Pension System (NPS). It was set up under the PFRDA Act, 2013. NPS is a product that is linked to the market and has a set amountContinue Reading

Education is the key to unlocking the world, a passport to freedom” – Oprah Winfrey. Step-By-Step Approach to Plan Your Child’s Education Needs To be a parent, it is natural that you would want the best for your child. They should get the best education, be given the best chancesContinue Reading

6 steps to financial freedom Freedom sounds sweet. While we have achieved political freedom way back in 1947, many still struggle with financial freedom. Everyone wants to be financially free and it is not something that is exclusive for just a few people. Having said that, financial freedom is notContinue Reading

Do you suffer from Loss Aversion bias? Losses pinch us harder than gains. Whether it is a loss of a friend or losses in investing, losses tend to have larger control over our lives. We may like to think that we make sound decisions, especially when it comes to investment,Continue Reading

All about familiarity bias “Investor’s chief problem and his worst enemy is likely to be himself.” – Benjamin Graham We like to believe we make rational decisions.  Not just that, we also believe that your feelings and emotions don’t play a role in your decisions. Investing is no different. ItContinue Reading

Different Benefits of Mutual Funds Mutual funds are on everyone’s lips. Mutual funds have become a hot topic of discussion among friends and colleagues. You might be aware of what is mutual funds, however, are you aware of the various benefits that mutual funds have to offer? In this article,Continue Reading

Are You Financially Compatible With Your Partner? The wedding season is in full swing. Indian marriages are not just the marriage of two individuals but the entire family. While we tend to focus on the annual package and family’s financial situation, financial compatibility takes the backseat. Financial compatibility, just likeContinue Reading