An Ideal Combination That Guarantees Your Premiums


Know about your ideal investment

A scheme that can grow your money at up to a 12% rate of return annually and gives you upto 1% per month in consistent withdrawals to gain the additional benefit of Term Insurance by insuring your insurance premium.

It gives you the added benefit of a tax deduction under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act by transferring the amount of interest earned into premium payments.

P2P Lending

Peer-to-peer lending, also known as P2P lending, is a type of financial technology that eliminates the need for individuals to go through traditional banking channels when borrowing or lending money to one another. It is a new-age, alternative investment idea that allows you to earn fixed returns and build a passive income by safeguarding you from the volatility of the equity markets. There are numerous investment choices available in peer-to-peer (P2P) lending, depending on your time horizon for investing, investment needs, rate of return (ROI), amount, and return of interest (monthly or cumulative).

P2P Lending at Swaraj FinPro brings you…

The Mechanics of a TComparison Of P2P Lending with Other Productsax Planning

From the above table, the returns from P2P lending are an excellent example of how investing in P2P lending not only provides higher returns than other investment instruments but also provides risk-free returns.

Let's Take a Look at Term Insurance

Life is unpredictable, and there will be times when things don’t go according to plan.  Term Life Insurance is the simplest and cheapest form of (life insurance) financial product which can safeguard your family at times of an unfortunate event.

Why Term- Life Insurance?

Having insurance is essential if you have dependents, such as a spouse, young children, or ageing parents. Nevertheless, getting term life insurance is still necessary in this situation, even if you are single and have unpaid loans like car or house loans.

It is beneficial to take out term life insurance at the earliest possible date because the premium paid and the age of the insurer are directly proportional. This means that the longer you wait to get term insurance, the higher your premium will be. The premium is likely to increase as the number of responsibilities and health issues may increase. Also, unlike health insurance, where the premium covered keeps on growing, the premium for term insurance remains the same throughout the tenure.

How does Term Insurance protect your dependents or your loved ones?

Covers your running Loans and Liabilities in your absence.
Manages your family’s monthly expenses and budget.
Covers your children’s education and marriage.
Maintains your family’s lifestyle in your absence.
Manages any other special needs of your family in your absence.

Magic of this Duo (P2P Lending + Term Insurance)

Makes sure you earn safely and live stress-free.
Ensures that the insurance premium is paid on time.
A small amount securing a larger future amount.
The principal amount that you have invested will remain intact. And U/S 80C, your P2P returns may also get tax exemption up to a certain amount.
It is a best combo that takes care of your earnings as well as of your life.

Let’s look how?

The above data is herein for illustration purposes only and may be subject to further change or revision without notice. You are advised not to rely on such description completely. If you have any inquiries or questions, please consult a relevant professional.

In the above table, a person aged 40 invested ₹ 10 lakh in P2P lending and, on the contrary, started his term insurance, for which he has to pay only the first premium amount; further premium amounts will be managed by the interest earned from P2P lending.
As he invested ₹ 10 lakh in P2P lending, he will earn a yearly interest of ₹ 1,20,000 and his term insurance premium, according to his age, amounts to ₹ 24000 (approximately).
Even after making the premium payments, he will still save ₹ 96000 and the principal amount of ₹10 lakh.
An additional benefit is that the set amount of premium, once declared, remains fixed for the life of the policy. Hence, it protects you from paying higher insurance premium amounts.
On the contrary, if he had kept the same amount in the bank savings account, in three years he would only have earned the yearly interest amount of ₹ 35,000, and after making the payment of the insurance premium, he would only save ₹ 11,000

It’s time to earn high as well as make your financial future risk-free and stress-free. You can get term insurance of 1 crore and you don’t even have to pay the premium every year
And all this is made possible with this combo offer from Swaraj Finpro.
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Disclaimer: – P2P lending investment is run by NBFC and RBI. The RBI does not guarantee any kind of return.