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Algo trading, also known as automated trading, black-box trading, or algorithmic trading uses computer codes and software to open and close trades based on set rules, such as market price movement. Once market conditions match predetermined criteria, trading algorithms (algos) can execute a buy or sell order for you, saving you time by eliminating the need to manually scan the markets.

How Algo Trading works?

Investors and traders use trading software and feed it instructions based on time, volume, and price. The trading software executes the investor’s orders once the market triggers them. Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds, Insurance Companies, Banks, etc. use algorithmic trading to execute high-volume trades that humans cannot.

Benefits of Algo Trading

Algorithmic trading has many benefits, especially for quick trades. The following are some benefits of Algo-trading.

More Accuracy

Algo Trading has the advantage of requiring significantly less interaction with human beings. Human error can be avoided by double-checking the algorithms. Technical indicators can be misread by traders, but computer systems cannot make this error.

Low Transaction Costs

The use of technology in algo trading helps to keep trading costs down. Traders are able to monitor trades even when they are not actively connected to the market. The ability to make trades without constant supervision results in cost and time savings.

Back Test Capability

To avoid excessive losses, traders must identify their system's flaws and make quick fixes. Algo traders can back-test their trades using historical data and compare them to recent data. This method determines if transaction results would have changed.

Increased Speed

Algo trading's speed is a key benefit. Algorithms can instantly analyze parameters and technical indicators for trading. Traders can capture price fluctuations faster with greater speed.


Manual trades are executed at the current available price. Automatic trades are made at the best possible time and price.
Correct trade timing is challenging and might cause price changes prior to execution. Trades are timed properly to prevent significant price changes.
Scanning the market for multiple instruments at once is not an option. Scanning the market with multiple instruments at once.
A manual strategy's backtesting is challenging. Backtesting can be done quickly and easily.
Errors can result from human emotions. No possibility of making errors based on human emotions.

Comparison of Algo Trading with Manual Trading

Yes, algorithmic trading is legal. There are no rules or laws limiting the use of trading algorithms, and there's nothing illegal about it.

Every person who participates in the stock market has an equal opportunity to make money, and as a result, anyone can engage in algorithmic trading.

Algo trading is worth trading safely as it helps avoid buying and selling at the wrong prices due to fear and greed. When used effectively, algo trading can increase returns.

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