About Director

Ajay Kumar Jain is the Chairman and Chief Managing Director of Swaraj Finpro Private Limited formerly Swaraj Wealth Management Pvt. Ltd. He is a certified investment and wealth manager whose mission is to simplify investment planning for its esteemed retail and HNI clients.

Ajay Kumar Jain keeps work ethics at the pinnacle in the organizational culture. He has passion for Financial Planning and Wealth Management and is undoubtedly dedicated to the financial healthiness of those who partner with him from inception to completion.

For the past two decades, Ajay Jain has been delivering great value to its clients as a financial advisor. With deep analytical ability, he has been assisting his clients with financial planning while taking care of their short term needs and long term goals.

Ajay Jain believes in Customer first philosophy and put forth his client’s interest before anything else. He works hard to ensure that his customers make the most out of their money.

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