What is a Debt Fund? You can think of debt funds as mutual funds or exchange-traded funds that hold a lot of bonds. In a debt fund, you can buy short-term or long-term bonds, securitized products, money market instruments, or debt that changes its interest rate at a certain time.Continue Reading

Do you have reservations about investing in debt funds? Debt funds are now more secure. The debt market has been quite volatile over the previous few months. Many investors considered debt mutual funds to be riskier than equity mutual funds. All of this began with the IL&FS debacle in SeptemberContinue Reading

  5 Debt Mutual FundTerms That You Need to Know Before Investing With the low-interest rates on traditional saving instruments, many individuals are looking at different investment options to protect their capital and earn stable returns. Debt mutual funds are one such investment option that has gained popularity among individualContinue Reading

Some of the important elements that might help you choose between debt mutual funds and fixed deposits are capital safety, rate of return, lock-in time, and taxation. For many of us, safety comes first and returns come second when it comes to investing. After all, no one wants to riskContinue Reading

A Primer on the Different types of Debt Mutual Funds Are you scared of investing in mutual funds because it invests in the equity markets? Most of us assume that investing in mutual funds is akin to investing in the stock market. However, that is not the case. There areContinue Reading

Debt funds are mutual fund schemes which invest in fixed income securities like Government bonds,corporate bonds and money market securities like commercial papers (CPs), certificates of deposits (CDs) etc. The main objective of debt mutual funds is to generate income for investors over the investment period which can be ofContinue Reading

What Is a Bond Fund, exactly? A bond fund, sometimes known as a debt fund, is a pooled investment vehicle that typically invests in government, municipal, corporate, and convertible bonds, as well as other debt instruments including mortgage-backed securities (MBS). The basic purpose of a bond fund is to provideContinue Reading